10 Best Footrests for Home Office or Regular Office & Footrest Buying Guide

Not many people know about the power of footrests (also known as foot rests (although, the Oxford Dictionary has chosen “footrest” as the correct form)).

If you have experienced back pain or any other discomfort because of
an uncomfortable position, footrests can become the solution you were searching for.

What are footrests and are they worth it? They are ergonomically
designed comfort “pillows” for your feet. Although don’t be misled by the
phrase “pillows”. Only some of the footrests are made from soft foam-like material, others are made from harder material like plastic, each with their own benefits. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

Below you will find:

  • Insightful footrest buying guide, where we highlight the main features to consider when choosing your footrest
  • Top 10 list with great footrests and reviews about these top 10 picks, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

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Kensington SoleSaver Adjustable Footrest

Footrest Buying Guide

Factors To Consider When Buying Ergonomic Footrest for office or work from home

There are many ergonomic footrests in the market. And each of them is different in one way or another. Here is the list of main features that differentiate all footrests. Use these differences to find the footrest that will be the most comfortable for you.


Most footrests are made from plastic or soft foam. Some of them use combination of both (hard surface with optional foam pad). There are also footrests that are made from wood. Just select the material that feels the most comfortable for you.


Some footrests come in one fixed height, while most of the footrests have 2-4 height settings that can be used to find the most comfortable position. We would suggest choosing footrest that has at least 2 height settings to ensure that you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Angle adjustment & rocking feature

Static foot rests (made from soft foam) don’t have any mechanic to adjust the angle, however, they have the curved arch shape, which provides similar effect to other footrests that have built in angle adjustment mechanism. Some footrests also come with a rocking feature which can be annoying for some, while loved by others. In overall, the rocking feature encourages additional movement which helps stimulate circulation and reduces fatigue throughout the day.


Most footrests are similarly sized, but some are bit smaller, which can be uncomfortable if you like to keep your feet at different positions. Meanwhile some other footrests have large surfaces which will offer extra comfort (but they will take up more space).


It is also important to consider your budget before making your decision. Fortunately, in case of footrests, they all fall into a similar price range so you can really focus on the main features which you would like to have in the footrest.

Our Top 10 Footrests for Home Office and Regular Office

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Footrest

The ErgoFoam footrest is designed to help you achieve a more comfortable, ergonomic work posture. Made from premium velvet material for best comfort.

It provides firm support and ensures correct position and proper support, which reduces stress and improves circulation.

The high-density foam footrest comforts your feet and provides support for your legs, which helps to reduce stress on your lower back and improve circulation.  In comparison to classic memory foam footrests, ErgoFoam footrest is firmer and doesn’t flatten so much, offering the best support.


  • Premium velvet material for all day comfort
  • ErgoFoam High-density foam for firmer support
  • Wider than other footrests
  • Recommended by US Chiropractic Doctors


  • The shape isn’t comfortable for everyone, might fell too small and narrow

Everlasting Comfort Office Footrest

If you also spend most of your day sitting at your desk, this footrest might be just what you need. Sitting for hours can be tough on your feet, legs and back.

That's where the Everlasting Comfort Office footrest comes in! This ergonomic footrest is designed to provide comfortable support to your feet while you work. It features a soft, contoured surface that supports your feet and helps promote good blood circulation and improves the posture.

The footrest also has a non-slip base that keeps it in place while you use it. The memory foam is a real game-changer because it uses your own body heat to soften and conform around your feet delivering amazing comfort.


  • Premium memory foam for the best comfort
  • Heat responsive technology
  • Shaped for better arch support of your feet
  • Thick padding for additional support and non-slip bottom
  • Foam is made from certified and safe materials


  • Size doesn't adjust so it is not truly 100% fit for all feet sizes

EUREKA Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

EUREKA is another excellent footrest for people looking to improve their posture while they work to alleviate strain and fatigue. This ergonomic footrest is adjustable, making it perfect for any individual's needs.

Ergonomic design for optimal height and an option to tilt it back and forth between 0 ~ 20° ensures that you'll find the perfect position for your feet, while the massage surface will offer comfort and support.


  • Unique texture surface for massage
  • Adjustable angle (back and forth)
  • Scratch proof rubber pads


  • The surface doesn’t lock in position and therefore has a rocking feature (which can be annoying for some)

AMERIERGO Footrest for Under Desk

AMERIERGO Footrest has two different height options – one with the base and another one without the base, so it is easy to change between both height options. It’s made from premium quality foam cushion offering solid firmness for better comfort than most footrest pillows.

The cover can be removed by unzipping it and taking it off. It can be machine washable, which is a big plus. It also has an arch-like curve to provide best support and it also makes the footrest useful in other situations where you need to relax your legs, for example, while studying or going on a longer business or travel trips.


  • Ergonomic curved design
  • High quality and comfortable flannel-like material
  • Rubberized bottom to prevent slipping and easy-to-carry handle


  • Arrives in vacuum bag, so need to give some extra time for it to regain its original shape
  • Some other users have reported the foam being too soft (which is comfortable but doesn’t always provide the firm support).

Leermart Adjustable Footrest

Multipurpose adjustable footrest with removable soft rest pad. This footrest has the highest customization available – 4 different height options and 3 different footrest modes, just don’t get lost. It’s durable and has twice as high max load in comparison to standard footrests (120 pounds (54kg)).

The cushion can be removed to get access to firmer surface with massage features. It helps correct sitting posture and relaxes your body, which is especially important if you are sitting at your desk for multiple hours each day.


  • More durable than any other footrest on the market
  • 3 different modes
  • 4 different height options
  • Foldable for more convenient transportation


  • The adjusting can be tricky
  • The detachable pad doesn’t sit too good on the top of the footrest

StrongTek Footrest Under Desk

Starting with one of the biggest selling points which was quite convincing – it’s designed by a former NASA scientist. And I am sure that she knows a few things about ergonomics as well. The design is somewhat different from the traditional footrests but that’s not a bad thing. It looks much better than most competitors.

It's wider than some other footrests and matches the shoulder width. It’s made from wood and has non-slip top surface. In addition, it rolls forward and backward (as foot rocker).


  • Wider than other competitors
  • Non-slip top surface and anti-slip rubber grip bottoms
  • Made from wood offering much higher weight capacity
  • Can also be used with standing desks


  • The rocking feature might not be for everyone

HUANUO Soft Footrest

HUANUO footrest for Under Desk at Work or home office is a great choice. Simple yet effective. It comes with 2 optional covers for replacement and can also be used as a rocker (simply flip it over). It also has two different heigh options, simply attach or detach the extension base.

The cover can be easily removed by opening the zipper and removing the foam. Both covers included with the product are also machine washable for easy care.


  • Comes with two different covers
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design thanks to high-quality foam
  • Easy to remove and cab be machine washed.


  • Footrest is small and isn't suited for most office chairs

HUANUO Footrest with Massage Texture and Roller

In comparison to the previous footrest, which is also designed by HUANUO, this one is made from plastic and is equipped with massage texture surface and massage roller for that extra comfort and relaxation.

It can be tilted from 0 to 30° to support your legs at the most comfortable angle. You can also find the perfect height for your feet by switching between three different height options. Comes pre-assembled and ready to use.


  • Features massaged textured surface and roller
  • Can be tilted to find the most comfortable position
  • Has 3 different height settings


  • If you move your feet around, it might feel wobbly and less stable on hard floor

Kensington SoleSaver Adjustable Footrest

This footrest has three different angles and quite large surface. It’s very simple but offers the same benefits as other footrests on the market – helps to reduce pressure on the lover back and corrects the sitting posture. Useful both at office and working from home.

Kensington SoleSaver footrest is also equipped with large non-skid surface to eliminate slips and enhance overall stability. It’s comfortable also for taller people thanks to the large surface and the way how its angle adjustment works.


  • Large non-skid surface for maximum comfort
  • Optional rocking feature for extra motion
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable angle


  • Plastic surface sometimes creates annoying noise when you move around your feet or use the rocking feature
  • Doesn’t stay in place on some ground surfaces

Fellowes 48121 Standard Footrest

Simple footrest that has just two height positions. However, it has a nice massage texture for feet. It also has a free-floating platform offering rocking feature which encourages movement, which is helpful for stimulating circulation and reducing fatigue through the day. A nice bonus is that it’s made from 99% recycled plastic.


  • Free floating platform for movement of your feet
  • Complies with the European Health and Safety Legislation ergonomic requirements
  • Made from 99% recycled plastic.


  • Unstable on some hard-surfaced floors

We hope that you found our footrest review and buying guide useful and that it will help you find the most comfortable footrest for you.

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