AMERIERGO Footrest for Under Desk – Quick Overview

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AMERIERGO Footrest has two different height options – one with the base and another one without the base, so it is easy to change between both height options. It’s made from premium quality foam cushion offering solid firmness for better comfort than most footrest pillows.

The cover can be removed by unzipping it and taking it off. It can be machine washable, which is a big plus. It also has an arch-like curve to provide best support and it also makes the footrest useful in other situations where you need to relax your legs, for example, while studying or going on a longer business or travel trips.


  • Ergonomic curved design
  • High quality and comfortable flannel-like material
  • Rubberized bottom to prevent slipping and easy-to-carry handle


  • Arrives in vacuum bag, so need to give some extra time for it to regain its original shape
  • Some other users have reported the foam being too soft (which is comfortable but doesn’t always provide the firm support).
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