Leermart Adjustable Footrest – Quick Overview

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Multipurpose adjustable footrest with removable soft rest pad. This footrest has the highest customization available – 4 different height options and 3 different footrest modes, just don’t get lost. It’s durable and has twice as high max load in comparison to standard footrests (120 pounds (54kg)).

The cushion can be removed to get access to firmer surface with massage features. It helps correct sitting posture and relaxes your body, which is especially important if you are sitting at your desk for multiple hours each day.


  • More durable than any other footrest on the market
  • 3 different modes
  • 4 different height options
  • Foldable for more convenient transportation


  • The adjusting can be tricky
  • The detachable pad doesn’t sit too good on the top of the footrest
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