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Let's Review is building a large network of industry professionals and enthusiasts, to ensure that each brand and its products are reviewed by a specialist who truly understands the product. Therefore our product reviews are very detailed, insightful and useful for everyone.

About us

First concept of Let's Review formed back in year 2020. However, back then it was just an idea and was placed aside, to gather some additional feedback and ideas how it could actually look like. Fast forward to year 2021 – we started building a network of industry professionals and enthusiasts who want to help brands by writing detailed reviews about their products, which can be used in their marketing strategy. In addition, we publish these reviews in our platform to help brands find new audience, and provide potential customers with in-depth reviews so they could make informative decisions.

Our team has been involved in eCommerce for many years now. We have helped many brands to expand and grow their online business and we have worked with many product reviewers and influencers, found them new partnership and content opportunities. And now we have decided to unite these both parties in one seamless synergy, because it's a true win-win scenario.

The power of honest feedback, reviews, images and videos, showcasing the true side of the product and all its features, pros and cons, is undeniable. 

Brands can get detailed feedback about their products, get extra publicity and can use these reviews in their own marketing activities and also to further improve their products and experience they provide.

Content creators on the other hand don't have to fill their busy and dynamic schedule with time for finding new partnerships and can try out the latest products in exchange for their honest and detailed feedback.

So, if you are importing some low-quality products which might break down right away, you wouldn't benefit much from our service. We respect unique and high quality products and brands with inspiring story who want to offer the best there is. And in the same way we respect our content creators, their often overbooked schedules and time they invest – we wouldn't want them to try out a low quality product.

Our goal is to became one of the leading platforms which unites brands and content creators, and creates value for both sides. And we want to make this experience as seamless and international as possible so any brand, anywhere in the world, would be able to find new customers and trustworthy voice in any other country.

For example, if you are based in the US and want to expand to Spain, you can send your products to our experts from Spain and get a qualitative in-depth review about your product in the local market. We also translate all our reviews, so they could be used in different countries.

We are continuously building our network of industry experts and enthusiasts, content creators and also brands who want to receive in-depth reviews about their products and find new audience, so feel free to apply to join our network (it's free of charge).

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