Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review – How Does It Work and Does It Help Fall Asleep Faster?

Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review – How Does It Work and Does It Help Fall Asleep Faster?

About Dodow Brand

The story about Dodow is quite inspiring, and I always love products that are created by founders who have experienced this problem themselves. And in this case, they have managed to solve this problem and have created a revolutionary new device that helps to put and end to frustrating and sleepless nights.

It was created by two insomniacs who wanted to find a way how to fall asleep faster and naturally! They realized the positive effects of various breathing exercises, and combined their passion and experience to create a technology that is based on thousands of scientific sleep studies.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review Blog

Dodow – Helps you fall asleep in 8 minutes

Revolutionary NEW Device Helps Put An End To Frustrating, Sleepless Nights!

Dodow device has been becoming increasingly popular with over 500 thousand devices sold and counting. Even some of the brightest and busiest minds in the world are using it to relax and clear their minds so they could fall asleep faster and get the important quality sleep. Some are even calling it the best biohack to naturally improve your sleep!

Below you will find my in-depth review about Dodow sleep aid device.

Dodow sleep aid device – how it works?

First of all, it's not some “miracle cure”. And that was important point for me. I always give preference to products that are based on science. And Dodow is a scientific solution to sleepless nights, based on sleep science studies.

The way Dodow works is truly different from other sleep aids. Instead of providing just a temporary cure, the Dodow sleep aid device helps you to “train your brain” fall asleep properly – going after the real root cause of your sleeplessness.

It’s super simple, really. You put the round little device on your nightstand, and it emits a soft blue light that glows in a rhythmic and calming pattern. All you have to do is turn it on, breathe in and out with the light… and wake up refreshed and wonder how you didn't even notice falling asleep.

So, in essence, by matching your breathing to the glowing light, your body adjusts and slows down your breathing, restoring your normal Circadian rhythm and promoting healthy sleep with full REM stages – which are really important for your body to get a true night rest.

You get to fall asleep faster, AND you also get a much better quality sleep – fully restorative sleep, after which you wake up feeling totally refreshed and ready to go!

Dodow – Quick guide on how to use it?

As I mentioned before, it's really simple to use and it's very intuitive.

  1. Place Dodow on a flat surface next to your bed.
  1. Set it for 8 or 20 minutes, depending on when you want to fall asleep. (I suggest using the 20-minute setting until you’re consistently falling asleep quicker)
  1. Watch as Dodow projects a soothing blue light on your ceiling. (Don’t worry, it’s not the same as the blue light from your phone – it was specially chosen based on tests to induce calmness.)
  1. Simply match your breathing to the glowing light. After about 8 minutes, you’ll be calm and ready to sleep…. and sleeping.

Dodow sleep aid how does it work

Dodow – does it really work and how exactly?

The power of Dodow is actually in its simplicity. By breathing in and out along with the light, you will notice that the light starts to slow down. And with that, your breathing starts to slow down too, which makes you relax.

So this is where the scientific studies come in – it was developed to function exactly in this way because as your breathing slows down from 11 breaths per minute to 6 breaths per minute, your normal Circadian rhythm is restored.

And that's one of the things that is responsible for promoting healthy sleep with full REM stages, that are essential for your body to truly rest.

Dodow is really effective because it helps to:

  • Take your mind's focus off stressful and busy thoughts.
  • Calm your mind.
  • Slow your breathing down, which in turn relaxes your mind and body
  • Guide long exhales that release CO2 in your bloodstream (it makes you more sleepy)
  • Reduce brainwave frequency which naturally happens right before you fall asleep
  • Switch off the fight or flight response, which removes anxiety and really helps calm you down

  • Dodow how does it work

    All these things combined help you fall asleep faster, get better quality sleep and feel refreshed in the next morning. In addition, the Dodow actually retrains your brain to learn how to fall asleep on its own again.

    The company itself has even mentioned it:

    “We are not afraid to say it… in a few months, you may not even need Dodow to fall asleep anymore! How's that for a sleep solution?!”

    Using Dodow Device 

    It's a really simple device. It has a touch-sensitive surface so you just tap it to turn it on, then press and hold to turn it off. However, you don't have to worry about turning it off because after you’re asleep, Dodow will shut off automatically for you, and be ready for you to use again the next night.

    You can also adjust the brightness and light intensity with simple swipe, and change the duration of the sleep modes.

    Plus, it comes with batteries so it works right out of the box and it’s easy to travel with too.

    Dodow unboxing and contents


    As of May 2022, Dodow is still offering an awesome deal. You can still get one FREE when you buy 2 and get FREE shipping too!

    It's awesome! From my own experience, my wife always took mine when she traveled for business. But now we each have our own Dodow.

    Additional things I like about Dodow

    It's truly natural – it combines behavioural cognitive therapy, yoga, and meditation to teach your brain how to fall asleep faster. No toxic pills or anything like that required.

    If we compare Dodow with other sleep aids, another clear benefit arises – Dodow is a one-time purchase and a permanent solution. In addition, it has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out essential without any risk at all.

    It's also portable – small and battery powered, and takes up little room in your suitcase, so you can easily take it along with you on your travels. And based on other reviews, it also helps with the jet lag!

    In addition to helping you fall asleep quicker, it also improves your sleep quality. And this was very important feature for me, because I have always had problems with sleep quality, even when I managed to fall asleep on time. Fortunately, Dodow truly helped me with that part as well.

    Where to buy Dodow device?

    Make sure not to fall for cheap knockoffs popping up online. So visit their official website to buy the real Dodow now.

    Stop wasting money on some temporary solutions, and choose Dodow. Take back your sleep today.

    If sleepless nights are causing you frustration and anxiety and are reducing your quality of life, you need a better solution. For me, that solution was Dodow. Take back your sleep with this magic device today. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

    Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review Blog

    Dodow – Helps you fall asleep in 8 minutes

    Your One-Time Purchase for a Lifetime of Better Sleep


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